In the realm of notable personalities, george santo pietro stands as a multifaceted individual, making his mark in various domains of business and entertainment. From his successful ventures as a real estate developer and restaurateur to his involvement in the world of camera technology and television production, George Santo Pietro has exemplified versatility and achieved commendable success throughout his career.

Early Life and Background

Born on December 12, 1946, in Beverly Hills, California, George Santo Pietro emerged as a charismatic entrepreneur, driven by his passion for the real estate industry. Growing up in an environment of affluence and opportunity, he developed a keen eye for business and an entrepreneurial spirit that would shape his future endeavors.

The Rise to Fame: Relationship with Vanna White

George Santo Pietro's life took an interesting turn when he crossed paths with the renowned television personality, Vanna White. Their relationship captured the attention of the media and propelled George Santo Pietro into the limelight. Vanna White, widely recognized as the cohost of the popular game show Wheel of Fortune, and George Santo Pietro tied the knot in 1990, embarking on a journey that would captivate both the media and their fans.

George Santo Pietro: Restaurateur and Business Ventures

Aside from his involvement in the entertainment industry, George Santo Pietro showcased his acumen in the culinary world as a restaurateur. He owned and operated the renowned Santopietro's, an Italian restaurant located in Bel-Air, California, near Mulholland Drive. Santopietro's gained popularity among Hollywood stars, becoming a frequented hotspot during the vibrant eighties. George Santo Pietro's entrepreneurial spirit also led him to establish another successful restaurant called Sushi-Ko, situated in the same upscale neighborhood.

Contributions to the Entertainment Industry

While George Santo Pietro's restaurant ventures garnered attention, his involvement in the entertainment industry extended beyond the culinary realm. He began his career as a camera technician, honing his skills and expertise in the field. Working on popular TV series throughout the 1990s, George Santo Pietro's contributions expanded, encompassing roles in various productions. He even took on acting roles in a couple of shows before transitioning into producing.

Continual Success and Diversification

As George Santo Pietro's prominence grew, he capitalized on his multifaceted talents, embracing opportunities in real estate development alongside his involvement in the entertainment industry. Establishing a thriving career in Beverly Hills, he became recognized as a successful real estate agent and hotelier, further expanding his repertoire of accomplishments. His proficiency as a camera technician, coupled with his keen business sense, enabled him to navigate multiple professional avenues concurrently.

Family Life and Relationships

George Santo Pietro's personal life has been intertwined with his professional journey. Prior to his marriage to Vanna White, he was married to Linda Evans, a union that lasted from 1981 to 1984. From this relationship, George Santo Pietro has a daughter named Andrea Santo Pietro. Following his divorce from Linda Evans, he embarked on a whirlwind romance with Vanna White, resulting in their marriage in 1990. Together, they welcomed two children, Giovanna and Nicholas Santo Pietro, before their marriage concluded in 2002.


George Santo Pietro's journey exemplifies the power of adaptability and versatility. From his beginnings as a real estate developer to his ventures in the culinary world and the entertainment industry, he has proven his ability to excel in diverse domains. While his marriage to Vanna White remains an indelible part of his story, George Santo Pietro's individual achievements and contributions stand on their own merits. Today, he continues to thrive as an entrepreneur, camera technician, and hotelier, leaving an indelible mark on various industries.